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Completed Inspection Top to Bottom

We will complete a top to bottom visual inspection of all components of the property. All systems in the house will be evaluated for condition, age and hidden issues.

You are welcomed to come along on the inspection to learn the in's and outs of the house you are looking at purchasing so you can make an informed decision.  Every inspection will come with a detailed report, photos and general home maintenance information and video.

NEW :Fuse / Breaker mapping.

  Have all the circuits in your house mapped,  learn what goes to which fuse,  no more guessing when you loose power or want to work on  something.

You receive a complete printed list of every light and plug.

Pre- Inspection - Sell your home faster

If a sellers home inspection is not on your list of things to do - It should be.

Most buyers make a home inspection a conditon of their purchase offer.  If their home inspector finds an issue with your home it could interfere with the closing of the deal.

No suprises or fixes - you can deal with the issues yourself.


"Did a fabulous job and very professional"      - Ray

"We felt better to have a home inspection from someone we trusted.  We valued his opinion"      - Nicole & Chris